Be ready for your buyers — even in the snow!

winterhomeOn blizzard-like days like today, it may seem like the furthest thing from someone’s mind is buying a home. In reality, it may be just the day that buyers have time to research and find a home just like yours! You could get that phone call later today requesting a showing. Here are a few simple reminders to help make sure you are ready:

1. Shovel a walkway to the front door. Make sure your home has a safe entry for possible visitors.

2. Shine the light and make it bright. Turn on the lights. Open the blinds. Open the windows. Do whatever it takes to let the sun shine in.

3. Keep it warm. Make sure the heat is on and that the home is at a comfortable temperature and not cold to step into.

Most important — show them why your house is a home! Clean up the floor. Clear off the counters. Fluff your pillows. Sparkle your appliances and bathroom. Make a soup or bake some cookies that fill the home with all those special reminders to why your home can be their Home Sweet Home!

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