Dining Out In The Merrimack Valley

diningOnce again, it’s the time of year that we’re reminded how lucky we are to live in the area we do.  With beaches, mountains and the city all within an hour’s drive, it’s time to get out and really enjoy it!   What better way to do that than to sample some of the amazing restaurants in the Merrimack Valley?

Click here to see a list, by town, of some of the area’s finest dining options as outlined by the Merrimack Valley Economic Development Council.







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It’s More Than Just A House

In today’s busy Spring Market, when passions homesweethomeare high and schedules are full, home buyers can often get lost in the mind set of finding the “Perfect Home!”  Sure, the house itself is certainly incredibly important.  But, what truly can make your new dwelling ‘HOME’ is to make sure you, as a home buyer, do ALL your homework.  Know everything you can about the community in which you hope to find your potential home.

That’s right.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, how much yard is there?  You think about the kitchen appliances, the flooring, is there a garage?  Here’s what may slip from your mind…but absolutely shouldn’t!

Is this new home…

  • a short drive to your place of employment?
  • near schools?
  • near restaurants?
  • near a grocery store?
  • in a neighborhood?
  • on a busy street?
  • on a public road?
  • are there children nearby or are the residents older?
  • near a playground?
  • near a hospital?

Some or all of these questions may be important to you.  No matter what your criteria is for your new home, just be sure not to neglect the BIG picture.  Know the community inside and out before you decide to make it your HOME.

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Coco, Early & Associates Launch New Website To Enhance Online Experience for Buyers & Sellers

cea_webCoco, Early & Associates is thrilled to unveil its new website.  The entire site recently was upgraded to provide a more enhanced user experience.  Now, the site is responsive and offers visitors the ability to view the site from their computer, smartphone, or tablet.  It is ‘mobile-friendly’ and responds to consumers on the go!  Another exciting feature of the site is its comprehensive search feature.  This feature allows those searching for a home not only to identify the city or town they wish for, they also can target lot sizes, number of bedrooms, square footage, and age of the home — to name just a few!

“We’re so happy with all that our new site offers our consumers,” said Blaise Coco, chief executive officer at Coco, Early & Associates.  “Our site now is a one-stop-shop for all their searching needs.  Users can specialize their search so much now that we can really identify what’s important to them from the very start.  Customers’ needs are always a first for us and this site is just another example of how we make sure we are working to provide them with exactly what they need, when they need it.”

Along with a completely new look to the site, the new Coco, Early & Associates website also continues to provide helpful real estate tools that also will help with the home buying and selling process.  These tools include market reports, community information, and mortgage calculators, among others.

To access the site, please visit www.cocoearly.com, or if you’d like an agent to walk through it with you, please contact any one of our offices and we’ll set up an appointment for you.

Coco, Early & Associates now has 11 offices throughout Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire and has plans to open a 12th this Spring in Portsmouth, NH!   It is the area’s largest independent real estate company in the markets that it serves.  Voted Best of the Best by Market Surveys for With an established professional partnership with Leading RE and Luxury Portfolio, the company offers clients  an unmatched marketing capability around the world both in print and online.  Each day, agents sell an average of five homes!  Agents in the company have the opportunity to participate in industry renowned courses that utilize the most current technologies.  Additional information can be found online at www.cocoearly.com.

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