Better Safe Than Sorry As July 4th Draws Near

As one of our nation’s biggest holidays draws near, there are some important safety precautions to be aware of.

  • If your city or town allows fireworks, be sure they are far removed from ALL people of ALL ages.  Sometimes it is easy to forget that Grandma and Grandpa cannot move fast should something go awry in your display.  Toddlers find the colors and sounds extremely beautiful or they are horrified. Better safe than sorry and make sure one responsible adult is with family and friends of these age groups at all times.
  • Grills and campfires stay hot even when they’re out!  That’s right.  Be sure to remind guests of all ages that this well-used tool is very hot…at most times!
  • Windows are open…kids are near!   Never expect young children to understand the potential danger windows can be.  Again, err on the side of caution and keep them closed when you can’t keep a constant eye on them.
  • Smores sticks can be dangerous!  This may seem super silly, but reality is, those things can be pretty sharp!  When the campfire is done and the marshmallows are put away, just put those sticks away with them.
  • Make sure a lifeguard is always on duty!  Again, this seems like a given, however, as pools and beaches get crowded and friends and family draw near, it’s easy to forget there are people of all ages of all different swimming abilities are cooling off.  Just be sure one responsible adult keeps watch on them all…

Make this holiday a special one for all!  May the outdoor fun, memories and love for our country be a constant reminder of what being with friends and family is all about.

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It’s Time For Some Fireworks!

It’s that time of year again when the booms and bangs help us officially kick-off our fireworkssummer outings!  July 4th is right around the corner and many area towns and cities are right there to celebrate!  The links below share the times and locations of these annual traditions throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire”:

Massachusetts Displays by Town

New Hampshire Displays by Town

May you all have a safe, happy and healthy summer-long celebration!


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Colors Matter!

paintThis time of year as the flowers are blooming and the grasses are greener, there’s often a little birdie whispering in our ear…”It’s time for a change!”

Now, that change could apply to any number of things.  Maybe it’s a minor change such as a new haircut.  Maybe it’s a bigger change like a new car.  Or, maybe, just maybe it’s a new color to be painted on your walls at home or the exterior of your home!  How exciting, right?

Not so fast — you want to make sure it is the right color for you!  While many people truly believe in color matching and color families, some just don’t!  First and foremost, you have to love it.  You’re living with it every day.  Reality is though – it’s paint…you can change it!

It’s often said that when selling your home, try to be sure you have a fresh coat of paint on the walls.  Make sure they are neutral to appeal to all parties.  This is very true as many people cannot look past the paint color (even though it is just paint!). In fact, every year Pantone, a corporation best known for its Pantone Matching System (PMS), along with many other paint manufacturers identify their Colors of the Year!  This year, they were a rose quartz and a serenity blue, which obviously are not neutral.  Benjamin Moore, another renowned manufacturer, alternatively deemed their Color of the Year Simply White.

As you can see, color really is personal preference.  Colors can effect your mood and depict your style.  All that matters is that is right for you!

(Note: If you’re interested in learning more about colors please reference here: Pantone Color of the Year and Benjamin Moore Color of the Year).

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