Simple Steps To Have Your Home Ready For Show

Now that the hot, lazy days of summer are over and autumn has made its presence known, maybe you’ve turned your own leaf and decided to take the plunge and embark on a house-hunting adventure. While searching for a new home has its own challenges, one challenge you can minimize with a little planning, is the reality that your own home needs to be ready to be put on the market. Here are a few simple steps to ease this process:
Remove all signs of summer — Of course, we all love flip flops, sand and pool toys, but when the crisp weather is here, put it all away. Rid your garage, yard and mud room of these items to make space and highlight the strengths of your home.
Seal up drafts — The season lends itself to some windy days. Don’t let a draft sneak in under a door or window when a potential buyer steps in. Rather, make the repair now so you don’t forget!
Rake the leaves — Don’t let signs of the season deter a potential buyer. The season’s foliage is one of its highlights but if you have piles of leaves in the way of your walkways and garages, it can often make visitors think these are more of a hassle than a gift!
Enhance your entryway — Sweep the steps. Clean the windows. Tastefully decorate your front door. Keep it simple. Make them feel welcome from the moment they walk in the door.

While these tips aren’t difficult, thinking of them early on in the process only will help you to enjoy your own search for your new Home Sweet Home!

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