Support Your Local, Small Businesses

If you are searching for the perfect gift, handmade jewelry, or a bouquet of flowers, small businesses will most likely have your back! Small businesses are a huge driver of local economies. They also create jobs, build communities, increase tourism and increase access to diverse products. Here are a few ways to show mom-and-pop shops your support.

Give them a shout out on social. Share positive experiences of your local small business, as well as their website, on your social media. You can also use their business hashtag to boost engagement on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Shop small. Warehouse stores and online retailers like Amazon may offer a wide selection of products and fast shipping, but small businesses offer unique items that are generally higher quality. Your money will also be going directly towards better working conditions for employees.

Tip generously. Giving a little extra when it comes to tipping can directly help small businesses’ staff and encourage them to work hard. This works especially well at local eateries.

Buy their merch. Buying clothing with a small business’s logo not only generates income but gives them some free advertising to boot!

Become a member and stick it out. Keeping your membership active can help, especially during slow months or times of upheaval, like a pandemic or financial crash, for instance.

Stock up. Buying items that you may not need right now but will definitely use later can help small businesses get through tough times. Gift cards help in a similar way and give you the opportunity to turn friends and family into customers too!

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