Best Home-Staging Tips for a Quick Sale

Preparing any property for sale can be a bit daunting. Sometimes, staging stumps agents and sellers alike. When staging, think about the best ways to flatter a home and appeal to any kind of buyer. Your home and its décor should look like the sale price (and then some) as well as  offer a lot of room for buyers’ imagination.

The biggest tip that goes unfortunately by the wayside a majority of the time is to clean and declutter. Cleanliness indicates, no matter what the actual state is of the integrity of the home is, that you take good care of the property. Decluttering lets buyers mentally place their own belongings in the home as well as gives the illusion of more space.

As much as your family photos and cute decorations may bring joy and appeal to your senses, buyers want bare walls to further make the house their home. Make sure landscaping is done to the best of your ability to enhance the house’s curb appeal especially before the open house weekend.

Don’t be afraid to look outside your own resources and potentially hire professional stagers if these tips sound difficult to execute in a short amount of time in an effective way! There is no shame in asking for help from your real estate agent either!

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