Are You Ready?-A note from Blaise Coco

A string of positive U.S. economic news also propelled the market higher. An index measuring manufacturing in the Midwest surged to a seven-month high; private company hiring jumped in November to the highest level this year, according to payroll company ADP; and the number of contracts to buy homes jumped in October to the highest level in a year. (Associated Press)

Could this be the “new” beginning? Can we mark the bottom of this awful downward spiral, finally? Maybe? With governments worldwide, now treating each other as global partners, its a beginning. By reducing borrowing rates between them is a sure sign of something healthy with respect to the understanding of their/our global system. Great stuff! We r in this together, we do move as one economy in so many ways.

Did you notice the surge in the equity markets, both today and a few days ago? Incredible! Line the pockets of the consumer and they will spend…spend, spend!!!

You heard it here first: If we can instill confidence in the consumer’s wallet and mind, not necessarily their pocket, although, that would be nice as well, we will turn this ship around and head towards higher waters in the next twelve months. What enforces confidence, what moves spending, what has always pushed markets to higher highs in the past? It’s an easy answer, EMPLOYMENT, which = CONFIDENCE. And when those two parties finally meet again and decide to marry, whala, we will have a celebrated wedding at great proportions. Talk about the “chicken dance”, oh my! Elvis Presley will awake and the dance floor will be ours. I’m definitely an Elvis diehard, can’t you tell? lol!

When consumers get employed, they act so different, they act so positive, they want to spend, they want nice things, they want to purchase something – they will push our economy forward and re inspire the inventors of tomorrow, to get back to the drawing board and create something for them to boast in. “I finally have the money, I finally have a job, I want to be counted again!” Its their time and this time, they will be heard! Which means, when the consumer gets motivated, prices will climb dramatically!

Lets get off the couch, shut the soaps off, and go buy something. It doesn’t matter what – well maybe a house or two would be nice. Let’s break the mold of negativity and finally put the half-full glass back in the cupboard and pull out the silver, its time to celebrate! We could be on the cusp of an extreme turnaround, are you ready?

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Enjoy it!

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