Ben Affleck May Cause Traffic Delays in the Merrimack Valley

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This blog post may not be the most hard-pressed real estate news, however, it surely highlights a few things:

  1. Lawrence, MA and the Merrimack Valley are on the radar for some of Hollywood’s hottest actors and actresses
  2. Movie lovers around the globe will get a glimpse into the city-life and towns of Merrimack Valley
  3. You could have a brush with a world-renowned celebrity
  4. You just may need to re-route your way home from work for the next few weeks

So, now the hard news: Ben Affleck is directing a new film here in Lawrence, MA!  The city itself its personnel and area businesses that are impacted also will be compensated by the film’s production company.    A full list of road closures can be found on this link —

In the meantime, enjoy the publicity and take pride in your city!

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A Christmas Miracle at Coco, Early & Associates!

Miracle at Coco, Early & Associates- Goosebumps for sure! In my most recent post, I mentioned, we have hosted an annual holiday party for the children in our communities, probably touching the hearts and families of more than 10,000 children in total. Well, this one special year brought certainty, magic and emotion to me and others close by, all in one full swoop.070-336 An event that had changed our perpsective on life, forever.brideswhisper Here’s the rest of the story: It was a crisp-cold, Saturday morning, where children and their parents stood lining the halls of Salem High School, in Salem, NH. Eager to claim their opportunity for that one special present they were about to receive. As the children checked in, they were given their one raffle ticket that dictated the present they’d receive.The excitement mounted as the clock ticked closer to noon. Then finally, the doors flew open and the masses pushed through like a Black Friday bargain at Walmart for a free flat screen television. They clamored for that one special seat, upfront, close to the action, close to the gifts. Our sales agents, eager and full of excitement as well, escorted them to their seats and ensured everyone cozied up to their closest neighbor as possible since we could only seat 700. Once everyone was seated the bell finally rang and Santa arrived as we played the “Here Comes Santa Claus” song. Invitng him to make his way to the children waving and bellowing, “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!” to everyone. The children roared in disbelief, “Is it him, is it really him?” Once Santa and the Grinch were no longer center stage, the true Christmas magic was about to be felt. The raffle of all those presents! Who would get what? Luck of the draw, some would say. Of course, the eyes were on the crown jewels; the computer, the x-box, the bicycles, the karoake machines… Our agents, standing in an organized line, would hold up the next gift to be raffled. The ticket was then pulled from the box of 700 or more. For example, the game of Monopoly would be held and a raffle ticket bearing a number would be pulled from the tin cannister. At that point, I would call out the number and the agent would run to their table hootin and yelling “you won, you won”! Sitting atop, this not so steady swaying ladder ten feet from the floor, I would echoe the winning number several times through a blow horn, into the crowd of eager children.642-832 Well, during the parade of maybe sixty to seventy presents already delivered, I noticed a young boy, maybe 5 or 6 years old, making his way towards me from the rear of the room. Amongst all the havoc, all the noise, I sensed a quieting calm, a directive, a notice of this little stranger depolyed to my ladder. Once he arrived, I leaned from the top stair of the ladder and said, “hello”. With a sincere confidence, he looked up, smiled and said in the softest voice, “that’s mine”, as he pointed to the next

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present being held by the agent. It was a skateboard. Oh, I thought, how perfect for him, he was the right age, the right height and such an honest face. I started to feel bad, because I knew the chances of him getting that gift was 700 to 1. No problem I thought, I would run out and pick one up for him after the Christmas party. He stood there so patient, so expecting, waiting as the number was pulled from the cannister. I still remember the last three numbers, 333. I sadly called the number out to the crowd, hoping no one would claim the present, and in that moment, he raised his right hand, went into his left, coat-pocket trying to find his ticket. He then handed it to me. The number was 333! I fell from the last step, embraced this young boy and graciously walked him over to his dad with tears of emotion running from my face. How did he know, how did he know? I feel we were blessed that very moment, something or someone much greater than this world whispered with precision into this childs He was all the proof I needed to know that miracles are real. Have you ever experienced one? 70-480 Blaise J. Coco Chief Executive Officer Coco, Early & Associates Cell # (978) 375-4345 CEA Office # (978) 687-8484 x117

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Coco, Early & Associates Top Ten: Receive Prestigous Award…

It gives us great pleasure to announce Coco, Early & Associates President Club recipients for the prior year. These individuals stand very distinct, when matched against their competition outside the firm. Their willingness to help others, their desire to go the extra mile and their success story is all but the same – Hard work, Incredible Integrity, and Outstanding Professionalism. We have had the privilege to work along side such an elite group of the absolute best Realtors every assembled in the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire.

Talk about inspiration to others, working relentlessly twelve – fourteen hours a day and most of all, insuring the smoothest transaction a buyer or seller could ever experience when buying or selling a home. These economic times have been disastrous to most, but not to the Top Ten at CEA, outpacing the competition 4-1 for sales, they’ve learned hard work pays off, continuing education is paramount and loyalty to their brand has separated them from the rest of the herd in our marketplace.

We are so proud of them and the rest of our agents for taking their responsibility to the consumer and community as serious commitment towards excellence, and for reaching out to those that need them the most philanthropically.
Please congratulate the following agents for a job well done:
Denise Olivares
Will Molina
Jill Oshaughnessy
Ellen Grant
Stephan Coufos
Robert Scamporino
Vincent Forzese
Reynoldo Rodriguez
Mirna Bechara
Judy Sarafian
Gail Waitt
Raul Ortega.

Special Recognition to our very own “Rookie of the Year” Kathryn LeBlanc, who was recognized as the Rookie of the Year recipient, amongst hundreds of other candidates within the North East Association of Realtors for 2010.

Go TEAM! Lots of love and admiration to you all, from the owners and your colleagues at Coco, Early & Associates!

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Are You Ready?-A note from Blaise Coco

A string of positive U.S. economic news also propelled the market higher. An index measuring manufacturing in the Midwest surged to a seven-month high; private company hiring jumped in November to the highest level this year, according to payroll company ADP; and the number of contracts to buy homes jumped in October to the highest level in a year. (Associated Press)

Could this be the “new” beginning? Can we mark the bottom of this awful downward spiral, finally? Maybe? With governments worldwide, now treating each other as global partners, its a beginning. By reducing borrowing rates between them is a sure sign of something healthy with respect to the understanding of their/our global system. Great stuff! We r in this together, we do move as one economy in so many ways.

Did you notice the surge in the equity markets, both today and a few days ago? Incredible! Line the pockets of the consumer and they will spend…spend, spend!!!

You heard it here first: If we can instill confidence in the consumer’s wallet and mind, not necessarily their pocket, although, that would be nice as well, we will turn this ship around and head towards higher waters in the next twelve months. What enforces confidence, what moves spending, what has always pushed markets to higher highs in the past? It’s an easy answer, EMPLOYMENT, which = CONFIDENCE. And when those two parties finally meet again and decide to marry, whala, we will have a celebrated wedding at great proportions. Talk about the “chicken dance”, oh my! Elvis Presley will awake and the dance floor will be ours. I’m definitely an Elvis diehard, can’t you tell? lol!

When consumers get employed, they act so different, they act so positive, they want to spend, they want nice things, they want to purchase something – they will push our economy forward and re inspire the inventors of tomorrow, to get back to the drawing board and create something for them to boast in. “I finally have the money, I finally have a job, I want to be counted again!” Its their time and this time, they will be heard! Which means, when the consumer gets motivated, prices will climb dramatically!

Lets get off the couch, shut the soaps off, and go buy something. It doesn’t matter what – well maybe a house or two would be nice. Let’s break the mold of negativity and finally put the half-full glass back in the cupboard and pull out the silver, its time to celebrate! We could be on the cusp of an extreme turnaround, are you ready?

Blaise J. Coco
Chief Executive Officer
Coco, Early & Associates
Cell # (978) 375-4345
CEA Office # (978) 687-8484 x117

Coco, Early & Associates is committed to delivering extraordinary home buying and selling services, with a personal touch and an international reach. We will accomplish this by holding high standards and selectively recruiting and developing outstanding professionals. We will continually strive to improve our business practices and be on the leading edge of technology, while giving back to the local communities in which we serve.070-331

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Enjoy it!

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Stop the Presses!-A note from Blaise Coco

I always wanted to say that “Stop the Presses”! It didn’t feel like I thought it would, but it was a bit empowering, even though, I am by myself, in my home office at 11:57 pm, with all the kids asleep, including the wife. What a day! Financing last minute issues, everyone’s packed, and nowhere to go. Ugh, banks! It is unbelievable how much responsibility we have with our clients, how much they depend on us, and how much our words echo in their minds. Imagine, they think we know everything! If they only knew how scared at times we really are. Shh, don’t say anything.

Opening remarks: First, I must say thank you to those that attended the office meeting this morning. Talk about empowering! If you missed it, you really missed an exciting time. The creative minds we harness in our firm is amazing and almost unjust to our competition. They do not have a chance! I honestly feel bad for them! lol! Actually, I don’t! It is our competitive edge. It is what makes us great! A simple thing like ourworld sets us apart. Where in the marketplace can u ask for a plumber, a roofer, help with an open house, a recipe, or just reaching out to the community and within minutes, receive potentially 170 referrals with names, with references and phone numbers? is home to all of us and we love it!

The Rest of the Story: Why stop the presses? Well, not to give too much away before Linda’s training on building your business for 2012 on Thursday and my training on the 13th, I do want to get your juices going. SOI (Sphere of Influence) is the name of the game in 2012 and we are going to help you own it. Imagine your referral network (top 10) being a member of our very own “Exclusive Club”, with all the perks that one would expect from such an elite organization. Perks that include incredible opportunities. The concept could be a game changer. And could be that one thing that guarantees you additional success. The idea is still in the incubation stage, so stay tuned. Feedback is always welcomed.

By the way!

In case you have not seen our Mission statement for Coco, Early & Associates, here it is. You may want to put it in your signature block in your emails as well:

Coco, Early & Associates is committed to delivering extraordinary home buying and selling services, with a personal touch and an international reach. We will accomplish this by holding high standards and selectively recruiting and developing outstanding professionals. We will continually strive to improve our business practices and be on the leading edge of technology, while giving back to the local communities in which we serve.

Have a great night sleep and a great day tomorrow – Cheers as Deb Forte would say!


Blaise J. Coco
Chief Executive Officer
Coco, Early & Associates
Cell # (978) 375-4345
CEA Office # (978) 687-8484 x117

Our Real Estate Company has built a Brand of extreme recogniton, because of Referrals, of which is the highest compliment someone can give us. Please keep my sales team in mind when selling or buying your next home.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Enjoy it!

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