Coco, Early & Associates Announce Scholarship Giveaway Opportunity for Students in Grades K-Senior Year of College

Coco, Early & Associates is excited to announce that, once again, it is giving away $10,000 in scholarships to students in Grades Kindergarten thru Senior Year of College.   This is the second year that Coco, Early & Associates has offered this opportunity to the community and it is done so with pride, and in collaboration with, the Edward J. Haddad Scholarship Foundation.  This foundation recently was established in honor of Linda Early’s father, who passed away last year.  Linda Early is the president of Coco, Early & Associates, the area’s leading independent real estate company.  Agents at the company are contributing $5 from every closing toward this foundation.

“My dad was a very humble man and would be a little embarrassed by all of this attention,” said Linda.  “He was most proud that all of his daughters went to college, so the fact that this foundation enhances one’s chances for higher education is sure to put a smile on his face.”  Edward also helped build Coco, Early & Associates into what it is today.  Linda added, “He was a ‘runner’ for us before the internet, cell phones and other such devices were available.  He would run to local town halls for field cards and help us apply for smoke inspections. He also delivered documents to many attorneys and co-broke offices. He made friends with so many people.  This foundation also is just a wonderful way for us all to keep his commitment to success alive.”

Ten $1,000 scholarships will be awarded on August 1, 2018. To enter, those interested may visit  You may re-enter the contest each week for more chances to win.  To claim the prize, winners will be required to share their latest report card to prove they are in school. 

“We are grateful to our community that has trusted us for more than 20 years and look forward to giving back to them in this way for many years to come,” added Linda.

About Coco, Early & Associates

Coco, Early & Associates is the area’s largest independent real estate company in the markets that it serves. They have fourteen office locations throughout MA & NH, and are an established professional partnership with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and Luxury Portfolio. Each day, Coco, Early agents sell an average of six homes!  Their mission is to provide extraordinary local and global real estate services, with a personal touch, while giving back to their local communities.

For more information about Coco, Early & Associates please visit

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