Coco, Early Revolutionize Hi-Tech Real Estate

“Can I borrow your MLS book?” What MLS book? “You know, the book that has
all the homes for sale with amazing black and white pictures. I think the homes
are in price sequence, to  make it easy for us to find a home! I love that book
and my wife and I are eager to get started to find a home under $79,900. We
only want a 2 stall garage, 4 bedrooms, swimming pool would be nice and oh yes,
2 baths would be great!” That was a typical conversation between a buyer and
a sales agent just 10 short years ago. Not anymore! Today at Coco, Early
& Associates you can drive up to a listing of ours, type in the phone number
on the sign rider and instanlty get a movie like video of that home inside and out,
and yes, in full color. Not only will you get the video, the photos, and the salient
facts regarding that home, but at the same time you are watching the video, one
of our agents will call you instantly, to see if you need additonal help. We’ll know
you are there once you dial in for the info.Your phone number is transferred over
to our listing agent from a Help-Desk perspective. So cool, so real and so dynamic!
I remember the innovation of the facsimilie machine that needed carbon paper and
came in ink-like rolls, package of six in a box. Today, you can efax into one of our
agents emails instantly. No paper waste, no page crumplings, and most of all, no
more losing of a fax that was sent. We have revolutionized the way real estate is
being sold. Our software engineers are cutting age when compared to any one of
our competitors. Pretty soon while you’re searching online and don’t be scared,
but, you may see a pop-up button from our help desk while you are online letting you
know that we are here to help. Kinda spooky, but real service, and more importantly,
when you need it the most Coco, Early is ready to help. Enjoy trying out our newest
tech-advantage as you surf the site and make it your home base for all your real
estate needs. Happy hunting, and don’t miss our “draw a search” feature that is
located at the top-left side of our web site Home Page where you can type in a
town, then you click four times to encircle the location you want to live – within
seconds all of those homes in that area will emerge, with details on them and yes,
colored photos as well. How cool is that? In closing, I’d like to encourage you to call
any one of our ten locations for all your real estate needs, thank you, Blaise.

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3 thoughts on “Coco, Early Revolutionize Hi-Tech Real Estate

  1. I was not in the business when MLS books were used, but let me tell you…..Im glad I wasnt. We/I sometimes take for granted the ease and convenience that the interent and all of the great tech tools that we have at our disposal today. It really does make a difference in your day having all of these things…a cell phone that allows you to check your email, the internet, ipads, etc!
    Its a good thing the Coco Early takes advantage of these tools and brings it to the next level to allow a better service for Sellers and Buyers!!!

  2. Blogging is such a great phenomenon, where else can words be written and shared with so many people in such a quick amount of time! That can be a parallel with how quickly information can now be distributed about homes that are for sale. You list your house for sale and almost imediately the whole world can acces that information. It is of utmost importance to get your house in the hands of the company that can make that happen. There are so many websites and portals that share information about houses that are for sale. We feature your home immediately on our Coco, Early website with photos, description and videos. Important to a home seller! At the same time, the same information is shared on, the most viewed site by buyers when they search for a new home. Asking your Realtor for information on how they will “get the word out” about your house being available for sale is important to success of the sale. Ask a Realtor at Coco, Early and Associates today!

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