Did you know summer container plants could help sell your home?


Tastefully-decorated container plants are a great way to brighten up your home during the summer months!

At Coco, Early & Associates we like to make sure our clients are well-prepared to sell their home.  Here are some simple tips for making your home stand out above the rest during the summer months!

Guess what?  A simple container plant could help sell your home!!!  They are an easy way to give immediate, visual impact to your home, creating that important curb appeal – the “wow” factor as potential buyers pull up outside.  You just want to make sure your plants are tastefully done — here are some important tips to make sure you use containers effectively.

Use big containers

Don”t be afraid of using big, bold containers. They will have much more impact and will be easier to care for because they won”t dry out so easily. Smaller containers tend to get lost in the landscaping, casino online so you”ll lose the visual impact you”re trying to achieve.

Use quality containers

Avoid plastic containers, as these can look cheap. Terracotta, wrought iron, or zinc containers look great. Choose a container that complements your house and the rest of your landscaping. For example, if you have iron detailing, find a matching container; if you have brick paving, a terracotta pot might look good next to it.

Fill them with plants

For immediate results, fill your containers with more plants than you normally would. Otherwise, you will be forced to wait for the plants to grow before your container will look lush and healthy.

Feed your plants

Make sure you keep your containers well maintained by watering and feeding the plants regularly. You want buyers to think the containers are always there, not just a quick fix.


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