Do Your Job — Coco, Early Tips for Buyers

After yesterday’s big win, it seemed only fitting to follow Coach Bill Belichick’s mantra and offer a few bits of advice for those of you out there who are hoping to buy a new home in the new

Do your job!

Get pre-approved for your mortgage.  Know exactly what you can afford without sacrificing the lifestyle you wish to live.

Change your mindset.  Know that no one will be taking care of you!  When you rent a home, you have a landlord who can be the savior to all your home owning worries.  Everything from a leaky toilet to a broken window can all be fixed with just one phone call. When you own your home – you are that phone call…and then some!  You need to be prepared (mentally and probably physically) to respond to any mishap that happens in your new home.

Do your research.  Know the zip codes where you want to live and the types of homes you wish to live in.  Having this information in advance can help your agent go right to work for you!

Believe it or not, this process should be rewarding.  In the end, arming yourself with the right information and teaming with a real estate expert that’s looking out in your best interests, ensures that your dream home is just a few steps away!


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