Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

We remember the old nursery riddle that ended with “don’t let the bed bugs bite” but I guess we never realized what bed bugs actually are. Well after today’s training…we do now! Andy Carace, owner of Pest End Inc was the guest speaker this morning for our weekly training seminar. He went through a list of bugs to be aware of…most notably bed bugs. There has been an increase in bed bug complaints over the past few years, especially in hotels, dorm rooms, and cruise ships, and it is important that we take the proper measures to prevent, avoid, and…if you are so lucky, treat bed bugs.
Before you unpack those bags and start what you think will be a relaxing week on vacation or productive business trip check all four corners of the mattress, pull up the roping, and check behind the head board. Any signs of black specs or movement immediately leave and tell the front desk.
More information on bed bugs can be found here

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