How to Get What You Want Out of an Open House

Starting to search for a new home is daunting, but open houses are a fun way to get a break from Zillow and see properties that interest you in real life.

Open houses have a ton of information for home-buyers but there are a few tips that will help you get the most out of them!

Limit your open house weekend. If you are seriously looking for a house, prepare to only view 1-3 open houses in case you want to move forward with a property. It gets increasingly harder to remember all the listings you view, and which ones meet your expectations. 

Try to avoid getting hung up on visual aesthetics. Remember that the house you are touring is someone else’s – that dresser and mirror won’t be in your master suite so don’t let it dissuade you!

Make sure to ask any questions to the agent.  The listing agent is there to answer questions about the properties as you move through the space. These questions can include about the surrounding area, any association fees and other specific information that will help your decision on the home.

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