One Special Way to Remember 2020

No one is ever too old for a time capsule, are they?

We say, “No way!”

While there certainly are very many creative ways to capture all the ups and many downs that 2020 seems to be offering us. This one seemed too good not to share.  It’s a downloadable time capsule workbook in which you and your family can come together, document and really try grab hold of some of the year’s most important elements.

Click here to download now: 2020_TIME-CAPSULE.pdf

Without doubt 2020, will be remembered for some pretty unpredictable and truly tough times.  Just think, you will be sharing how you got through it with your own children, their children, your great children and so on.  What’s important to remember and pass on for the generations to come is how you persevered, carried on and how you, your family and friends worked together to move ahead and make good of a bad situation.  Those are the life lessons that can’t be forgotten.

Our sincerest healthy wishes to everyone in our Coco, Early family!  Unmistakeably, we all are in this together.





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