Pools and Trampolines…Who Would Have Thought?

This time of year kids are outside and the sun is shining!  Kids are asking “Mommy, Daddy pooltrampolinecan we please get a trampoline?  Can we please get a pool?”

These are all fantastic ideas and ones that are sure to make memories for your families.  Before you jump into the decision, however, be sure to weigh out the pros AND the cons!

The pros are easy — a guaranteed vacation all summer long in YOUR backyard!  The cons, however, may be a little tougher to swallow.

  1. Money, money, money.  Sure, there’s the initial cost of the items themselves, but (at least with the pool) don’t forget that you’ll need to maintain it all season long.  You’ll need pool toys, furniture, landscaping, and probably some accessories to ensure this will happen.  Your electricity also goes up as you run your filter to keep things clean for the season.
  2. Insurance. You’ll need to increase your homeowner’s policy.  If you’re adding a trampoline, your carrier may not even cover you anymore.
  3. Value of your home.  While we’d love to say, yes – it definitely increases the value and ability to sell your home.  We can’t.  Unfortunately it makes backyards scream fun and could attract some incredible buyers, however, not everyone is in the market for a pool so it could detract some potential ones as well.

This information certainly isn’t intended to scare you away from any of these purchases.  In fact, we at Coco, Early & Associates value family time and making memories the whole year through!  We just want you to think about the big picture and know all that it entails before you write the big check!

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