Pre-Approvals and Why They Matter

In the housing market, you see a lot of tips on how to manage and move with your finances throughout the home-buying process.

Many of those tips involve getting pre-approved for a home loan. Pre-approval proves how much money you can borrow to buy a home and gives a little more legitimacy than a pre-qualification (which acts as a simple estimate).

In this specific fast-acting market with a small inventory, having a pre-approval letter might sway your chances on getting your dream home as sellers are more willing to negotiate with you!

Start this process at a lender instead of waiting to find your dream home. Having a relationship with a lender helps you narrow your mindset as they discuss all loan options and budgeting as well as check your credit and find any problems that may affect your ability to purchase a home.

The faster you get this process started, the faster you get inside your next home! Be sure to direct any questions to any of our agents to better answer your questions about the financial process or partners that we recommend!

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