Ready, Set, Sell: 5 Suggestions to Help You Focus and Prep Your Home for Sale in the Spring Market

With snow on the ground, mud everywhere and water in more places than you probably would like, home sellers may be literally “stuck in the mud” with their efforts to get their home on the market this Spring.  Never fear, we have a few suggestions that can help you get your home ready to sell!

1) Clear the snow.  Whether it is the driveway, the walkways and even the back deck, be sure that your home is easily accessible and welcoming.

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2) Clean up the outside.  Maybe the winter left some broken branches, ugly brown flowers or even a pile or two of rocks and dirt? Whatever the debris may be, simply get rid of it.

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3) Make the entrance and entire home welcoming.  Maybe buy a new welcome mat, sweep away the dirt, polish any glass and possibly put a fresh coat of paint on the front door.  Wipe down the base boards and walls too.  Remember, as potential buyers are walking into this home, you want them to envision it as theirs.

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4) Remove all bad odors.  Don’t go crazy on the room deodorizers and scented candles, rather focus on your home being clean and fresh.

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5) Put stuff away.   It may seem like a simple suggestion, but just do it!  Whether it is boots, mittens, holiday decorations, shovels, pet-toys and accessories or even laundry, whatever it may be, get it off the floors and counter tops.  Also, be sure to make your beds, even vacuum.  You want your home to be clutter-free so they can see your home in its best light.

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While many of these suggestions seem obvious and do take a little bit of time, this simple checklist is sure to help you focus your efforts on what can help your home be its best.


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