Sell Your Home This Winter ~ You Can Do It!

House-snowy-1024x819A few years back, a very wise real estate agent said, “Selling your home in the winter is actually a great idea!”

My husband and I were just as hesitant as the next family, but very quickly, we came to the conclusion that yes it was, in fact, a great time. This fact couldn’t be truer today.

Sure there was snow to be shoveled and floors to be cleaned – but how is that any different than any other time of year? If it isn’t snow, it is mulch. If it isn’t sand, it is mud!

The other reality is that there really aren’t many people buying into this idea of selling now. SO – are you ready for this? Those who are anxious to buy a new home or HAVE to buy one have very few to look at!   Inventory of homes on the market during the winter months is typically very low, which means lower competition for those selling. Why not have yours get on the market now before the constant flow of homes come onto the market in the spring?

Here are five simple tips on how to make your home stand out on these cold winter days:

  • Clean out the leaves! Curb appeal is important even in the winter. Sure, it may not have seemed like a fun task a few months back, but now getting rid of those will make a big difference.  It shows you care. If the weather allows, make sure those piles of leaves around your home are cleared out and an easy entrance can be made to your home.
  • Wipe down the front door and the window trim. Make sure the white shines bright among the dirt of winter.
  • Make your front door stand out. Something tasteful and simple. Just make sure your entry way is welcoming to all who enter.
  • Turn on the heat and light a fire if you can. Make sure it’s warm and cozy for your visitors. Nothing beats the glow of a fire on a cold, winter day.
  • Keep your floors clean. Provide slippers if you can so that your guests don’t trace dirt and debris in for the next guests to see.

Most important, remember it’s your home. You want those walking through to embrace its benefits just as you do. Highlight them however you can and it will shine among those that dare to sell this winter!

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