Should Realtors go on Holiday During the Winter?

Its getting real cold and frosty outside, with the winds blowing like a vacuum cleaner put in reverse, and the likelihood of someone buying a home during the winter months is 1 out of 1,000! Ugh!brideswhisper

Or is it?
Not so fast!

It’s true, the real estate market in the Northeast has looked quite lonesome in 2010, and 2011, particularly, in this latest January, February, March, and April months were as dismal as I have seen it. In fact, I have never seen it that horrific with regard to sales. Make you nervous? I understand and I want to urge you NOT to take a leave of absence during this most critical time of year, because, I will warn you, that most of your competiton heads for Florida, which means business, like you have never seen.70-485

Being in the business for 26 years, I can tell you, at my prime, I was fortunate enough to have sold 21 homes in the month of December, almost single handedly. It’s true! While the bears were hibernating, I was shoveling pathways to listings, just to get in the door. Imagine a buyer wanting to track through the high snow-walls of New England communities, challenge themselves in the biting winds, and braving the icy roads? Well if that’s not obvious motivation to buy a home, I don’t know what is.

Open houses, definitely! Instead of getting 7-8 families coming through, you only get that one, but that one is as serious as they come. And now for the seller: DO you think for a mili-second a seller that is dealing with keeping their home tidy, their driveway free of ice, the thought of having to move in a Nor’ Easter isn’t a motivated seller, think again! They are and they want to sell; at least most of the time. You see, be where your competition is not.

Just like advertising in the Eagle Tribune every Sunday. We want to be where others are not. We believe in a marketing mix of Newspaper ads, internet, mail and personal networking campaigns to drive buyers to our client’s homes, while the competiton is almost 100% dependent on the Internet. Don’t tell them the newspaper still works real well, shhhh! This is how we get our sellers TOP dollar for their home. The more eyes that see their home, the higher the price they will receieve. Averaging more than 3 homes SOLD everyday of every week, our secret at Coco, Early & Associates is simple – be where buyers are, not where they might be. We know home owners and home buyers read the newspaper, search the internet and open their mail on a daily basis. This is our marketing mix and what a mix it has proven to be for our clients.

We have grown our company and market share by more than 200% this year for three main reasons: Ownership-experience, cutting edge technology, and the most incredible sales team ever assembled in the Merrimack Valley and the New Hampshire markets. With a compliment of almost 200 agents, and 10 offices, we are measured by our professionalism, ingenuity and ability to execute, not to mention the personal testimonials we receive on a daily basis from our clients. If you are thinking about a career in real estate, or looking to re-energize your business, call us today and start earning the higher levels of success you deserve. 978-375-4345 Blaise J.prom dresses online shop
Coco, CEO, Coco, Early & Associates000-958

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2 thoughts on “Should Realtors go on Holiday During the Winter?

  1. The “climate” for buying real estate has never been better. The interest rates are phenominal which makes the purchasing power for the buyer that much stronger. Combine that with the incredible
    prices that we continue to see on so many properties, it would make one think that we will see a
    very strong season for sales despite the time of year. So grab that warm coat, hats and gloves, and
    get ready, oh and enjoy the Holidays as well!!

  2. Strong sales numbers have been reported for the past 2 months! Don’t wait to buy that home of your dreams because we all know what happens when demand exceeds supply! The weather is cooperating and so are the finance rates. Buyers and Sellers, call us today!

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