Stop the Presses!-A note from Blaise Coco

I always wanted to say that “Stop the Presses”! It didn’t feel like I thought it would, but it was a bit empowering, even though, I am by myself, in my home office at 11:57 pm, with all the kids asleep, including the wife. What a day! Financing last minute issues, everyone’s packed, and nowhere to go. Ugh, banks! It is unbelievable how much responsibility we have with our clients, how much they depend on us, and how much our words echo in their minds. Imagine, they think we know everything! If they only knew how scared at times we really are. Shh, don’t say anything.

Opening remarks: First, I must say thank you to those that attended the office meeting this morning. Talk about empowering! If you missed it, you really missed an exciting time. The creative minds we harness in our firm is amazing and almost unjust to our competition. They do not have a chance! I honestly feel bad for them! lol! Actually, I don’t! It is our competitive edge. It is what makes us great! A simple thing like ourworld sets us apart. Where in the marketplace can u ask for a plumber, a roofer, help with an open house, a recipe, or just reaching out to the community and within minutes, receive potentially 170 referrals with names, with references and phone numbers? is home to all of us and we love it!

The Rest of the Story: Why stop the presses? Well, not to give too much away before Linda’s training on building your business for 2012 on Thursday and my training on the 13th, I do want to get your juices going. SOI (Sphere of Influence) is the name of the game in 2012 and we are going to help you own it. Imagine your referral network (top 10) being a member of our very own “Exclusive Club”, with all the perks that one would expect from such an elite organization. Perks that include incredible opportunities. The concept could be a game changer. And could be that one thing that guarantees you additional success. The idea is still in the incubation stage, so stay tuned. Feedback is always welcomed.

By the way!

In case you have not seen our Mission statement for Coco, Early & Associates, here it is. You may want to put it in your signature block in your emails as well:

Coco, Early & Associates is committed to delivering extraordinary home buying and selling services, with a personal touch and an international reach. We will accomplish this by holding high standards and selectively recruiting and developing outstanding professionals. We will continually strive to improve our business practices and be on the leading edge of technology, while giving back to the local communities in which we serve.

Have a great night sleep and a great day tomorrow – Cheers as Deb Forte would say!


Blaise J. Coco
Chief Executive Officer
Coco, Early & Associates
Cell # (978) 375-4345
CEA Office # (978) 687-8484 x117

Our Real Estate Company has built a Brand of extreme recogniton, because of Referrals, of which is the highest compliment someone can give us. Please keep my sales team in mind when selling or buying your next home.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Enjoy it!

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