Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

White-Silver-Holiday-Decor-2012The holidays are full of festivities and decorating is just one piece of the whole season’s package.  There are gifts to be bought, food to be made, cards to be sent — never mind if you’re selling your home too!  Here are a few simple tips that will help you make sure your home is shining at its best, no matter the season.

Keep it simple.  Don’t buy the biggest tree or pull out the blow up Santa for your front yard.  Remember, you want your home to look spacious and roomy enough for potential home buyers so be sure your selections don’t overcrowd your home’s living or outdoor space.  Also opt for more general winter decorations rather than a specific holiday so as not to offend potential buyers with different beliefs.

Make it inviting.  Perhaps bake a batch of cookies or a seasonal pie to offer your visitors.  Maybe even have some classical music playing in the background. Those scents and soothing sounds of the holidays can remind your guests that this could possibly be their next ‘home sweet home.’

Make it easily accessible.  Just make sure the winter snow doesn’t inhibit your guests easy entrance to your home.  Clear the walkway and driveway of any potential hazardous ice and snow so potential buys easily can come into your home.

Research your real estate agent.  Ask him/her questions as to what their availability is over the holiday.  You want your agent to be around throughout the season in case potential buyers are interested.  Knowing this ahead of time, will just make the whole process easier for all.

Create a virtual tour.  Sometimes the cold, ice and snow of winter make it difficult for potential buyers to get to all the available homes they want to see.  By having a professional video of your home taken, this can be shared on the web so that anyone can view it, no matter the weather!

Enjoy the season!  This is the most important.  Don’t let the stress of selling your home overtake the joy of the season.

Remember there is a buyer for every home…it’s just a matter of when that buyer comes through your front door!  As long as you are prepared, you are sure to experience a smooth process.


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