What to Expect if You Stay at Home During a Kitchen Remodel

Now, we all have a little bit of extra time, right?  Already, so many people are jumping in to home and yard projects.  Places like Home Depot, Lowes and your neighborhood nurseries and hardware stores are busy, busy with more than normal sales.  That’s great news!  Are you ready to kick off a project?  There may just be no better time than the present BUT if it’s one, you may have to live in the midst of it.  Here are some tips on how to get it started and LIVE through it!

According to Remodeling magazine, a kitchen remodel will generate a substantial return on dollars spent for this kind of home improvement, with an 83% average return. This, coupled with the eventual increase in the marketability of your home, should be a great motivator to step up to the next level in design and function for the area where your family always seems to gather.

You will want to prepare for what lies ahead for being a “stay-at-home” family during your kitchen makeover. Planning ahead will help alleviate the stress that comes with decision-making and the construction process.

Once immersed in the project, you will experience the pros and cons of living on-site while your kitchen is demoed and given new life. You will find that grilling and using an inexpensive microwave will be your food prep salvation, while your laundry sink temporarily doubles as a dish washing basin and a small rental refrigerator comes to the rescue for food storage.

Once you establish a dining area that is removed from the action in the kitchen, you should have conquered the primary “cons” of the dusty disarray.

The major advantage of staying in your home is your direct oversight of the design elements as they come together. It will enable you to tweak things as they evolve from the original concept on paper to better protect your invested dollars.

Our experience with clients who have gone through home renovation can guide you to a happy outcome for your kitchen remodel.


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